1. the relational meditation practice of being with what is.
  2. listening without agenda.
  3. getting another person's world; being gotten like
    never before.

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What is Circling?

A Circle is when a group of people or a single facilitator put their curiosity and full attention on one person.

Rather than trying to help, fix or solve any particular problem, the intention is to listen to a person's experience with the mindset that we know nothing more than what is being shared.

The desired outcome of a circle is not to resolve someone's problems, but rather to hear and understand their experience, and for them to understand their own experience more deeply.

Why Circling?

By relating in the present moment – beyond stories,
expectations and predetermined ideas about who you are.
Circling has the capacity to reveal your true essence and cultivate deep connections. As everyone engages with genuine curiosity and shares their personal experience of being with you, you discover that who you ARE is more magnificent than any limited idea about who you “should” be.

Is Circling like coaching or therapy?

Where therapy is primarily focused on healing and looking at
the past and coaching primarily focuses on goals and looking
to the future, Circling does not aim to fix a person or achieve
specific outcomes, and focuses on being with "what is" in the present moment.

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